Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Decorating a Babies Nursery...

You just found out you are going to be a mommy.  Well Congratulations!!!  
You have many things running thru your mind.  Whether it is going to be a boy or girl, you want it to be healthy, what color eyes, what do I need and "OMG HOW DO I DECORATE THE NURSERY???"  

Well here are just a few suggestions that hopefully can help you out. 
When decorating your babies nursery, people always tend to think that the only option is to go to your local paint store and just paint the walls a solid color.  Well know that there are other options too.

Just because you paint the walls, does not mean that all the walls need to be the same color.  You can have a base color but either do it yourself or hire an artist to paint a mural.  This picture is of when my girls were born.  While pregnant, I painted this tree for the nursery, as painting is not only relaxing for me but I felt as if she knew I was doing something special for her and then after I truly knew it was well worth it when I had my other little girl who also LOVED there room.  I wanted a Winnie The Pooh theme at the time, so I decided to paint  a tree in the corner.  But I wanted to add some 3 dimensional elements and painted some pieces of wood with Winnie The Poohs friends name on them along with hot gluing some fabric butterflies to the tree and on the walls.  I added some other touches and even incorporate a quote that I loved when I saw it once at Walt Disney World.  I remember even painting the top of the bedroom ceiling with a sky and stars.  It was just something that I truly enjoyed painting especially knowing it was for my little girls.

Now if you worry about having a mural painted or cannot afford it another option is to use wall paper.  One can always try to pick a wall paper that will last for several years, hopefully into there teenage years because once they hit the teens, we all know how there mind will change along with the hormones...Lol    Below is a picture of a bedroom utilizing wall paper.  This wall paper can definitely last for many years as it is neutral and you can combine it with many colors from bright to calming tones.

And if wall paper does not work for you either, you can always shop online and purchase some wall decals.  The good thing about the wall decals is that they are easily removable once your child would like to make a change to the room.  Plus they tend to be inexpensive, depending on the size and the design.  And if you truly want to get creative, you can locate a print shop and design your own and apply them to the wall.  You just need to check and be sure the print shop can do such type of work.  If not, you can always rely on Google and shop around.  For example, always has great artists.  Just remember to always try to check there credentials.  Below is a picture of a bedroom that used decals purchased on

And last, if the mural, wall paper or decals is not something that you would like to use.  You can always just purchase some prints and turn a wall into a gallery wall making it the main focus of the bedroom.  And just because you create a gallery wall does not mean that your background wall has to be a solid color, it can be from solid to stripes to even poca dots.  Whatever you feel would make a happy and positive environment for your baby.

I hope one of these suggestions will make it easier for any mommy out there!!!
Enjoy Decorating!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Renting Life as a Single Mom....

There are many things that I can discuss about as a single mother and one of them is RENTING!!!

In my 12 years being divorced, I have moved 5 to 6 times at least.  I have lived in a mobile home, in a home that needed lots of work, in a Townhouse, that my neighbors were drug dealers and smoked in a car that did not work that was parked in front of their home just to "smoke." I also lived in a place where someone keyed my car because I told them to move out of my driveway...Now Mind You, that was in a very nice & not cheap city in South Florida.  I had a wonderful landlord...once. Now, I have a landlord that does not take much care of the home, I rent and if I am late threatens to evict me & my family.  So, I had my share of experiences as a renter.

It has been very exhausting, I will not lie.  Every move has had it's own unique story.  U-Hauls stranded, on 2 different moves, having to meet the move out deadlines, having to paint prior to moving so I can get my deposit back and they ended up keeping the deposit, plus sending me a bill because they charged me for 10 days of the townhouse being empty after I moved and so on.  Each one has a positive memory too or at least a memory of some type of laughing moment we had.  

Many do not realize the struggles a single parent goes through.  Some have it better than others but I am sure we all have our stories. I have a dream to someday be able to own again a home.  After my divorce, as I have said before, it has been very difficult.  With that said, my credit rating is not the best right now, but I am starting to set a goal for myself to possibly and hopefully move once more but see if I can find a home "RENT WITH OPTION TO BUY".  I need to do some research and speak to some realtors to see how it works.  I have some plans, goals with large hopes, but in life if one does not have hope or fight in them, one will not move forward in life.  

My struggles have made me a stronger woman, mother, friend and person.  I have learned from many of my mistakes.  I have a goal to not only better my life with my girls but to some day be able to help out other single parents.

If there is any advise that I can give other mothers who are renting, they would be;

*  BE SURE TO INSPECT THE PROPERTY, PERSONALLY, PRIOR TO SIGNING A CONTRACT.  The house I currently live in now, I found online because I was living in another state.  Of course, the landlord, emailed me the best pictures of the house.  I, not thinking but excited to move to another state, trusted a stranger (BIG MISTAKE).  After I signed the contract & saw the house, I came to see the truth. The bathrooms have purple, black and red tiles and very very ugly.  The shower heads are super outdated and old.  The windows in the entire house, DO NOT OPEN, so if there is a fire on the second floor or any emergency, we will have to break the glass of the window.  It seems either squirrels or chipmunks love to live in the walls and so much more.  And he doesn't seem to fix it yet seems to threaten if I am late on the rent.

*  Try to have any damages or problems fixed prior to your moving.  Try to have the landlord sign a document to be sure it will get done.  If you don't have a document signed and move in, you have a higher tendency that the problems will not be fixed by the landlord.

*  Be sure to read and learn the RENTING LAWS WELL IN THE STATE THAT YOU LIVE IN.  Each state has it's own laws.

*  If you can afford it, try to GET RENTERS INSURANCE.  You can always call your auto insurance company and see if they offer it.  Be sure to know exactly what is covered.

*  Prior to moving, be sure to make it clear with the landlord that you will get your deposit back.  Do a walk thru with your landlord, if possible, to be sure he is fine with how the house is being turned it.  

*  It might take a little more sweat, but always try to leave the premises cleaned, lawn mowed, holes in the walls from hanging pictures patched and if you had painted the walls, paint them back to it's original color.  Always ask the landlord for the original color and brand.  The brand can actually make a difference.

*  BE SURE TO READ THE "ENTIRE" CONTRACT PRIOR TO SIGNING, NO MATTER HOW LONG IT CAN BE.  I know it can be a nightmare to read a long contract and some wording might freak you out because you might not understand but it is very important to know all the stipulations prior to signing.  If you have the funds, hire a realtor lawyer, and ask them how much would they charge just to review the contract, read it and be sure it all is okay.  I had not done that with the townhouse that I was renting and when I moved out and had painted ALL the walls to it's original color, cleaned the entire place spotless, cleaned inside the kitchen appliances and all.  I came to find out once I moved out that I received a bill for a little over $400, plus they kept my deposit of $1,700.00, because after I moved out, they had the townhouse empty for 10 days waiting for the other tenants to move in.  After I was told this and looked over the contract they were right and I lost not only my deposit but had a bill of over $400.00 that was totally a bill that I did not need to have added to my budget.

*  If you can, try to sign for more than one year to lock in your original rent price, If you feel you like the home after you have personally seen it.  I did not do that with this home and the landlord, after a year, raised the rent by $300 and the next year by another $300.  Hoping I can move out prior to the final increase and just give my 30 day notice. 

*  The one advise I always give is to ALWAYS communicate with your landlord.  Be honest.  Contact the landlord, if you are late with your rent but be sure to try your best to pay before the month is over.  Communicate with the landlord and make a payment plan, letting them know when you will be making payments, that will be equivalent to your rent plus the possible late fee.   

These are just a few pieces of advise that I can share with you as I am sure that I have forgotten many others not meaning to.  Just REMEMBER THIS IS NOT ONLY WERE YOU WILL BE LIVING BUT ALSO YOUR CHILDREN!!!

I wish all those the best while renting as a single parent!!!  Hope this might have helped someone at least.  

Friday, September 23, 2016

Cellulars vs House Work...

When I saw this...I thought it was true.  I am not sure if any one else agrees but these days technology truly takes up so much of our time but mostly of our kids times.  I was against my daughters having cell phones but my sister decided to surprise them for the holidays with cellulars.  At first I was against it, then I realized that they come in handy when needed.  If I happen to be running late to pick them up at school, I can let them know so they do not worry.  If something happens they can contact me and when they are with there father, we can communicate and just keep in touch at any time.

The bad thing is that they also have a tendency to either be listening to music, be on the whole social media, snap chat, you tube and so much.  Time passes by and if we allow them to have them, while trying to do there homework, it will only delay horribly the homework time.  My youngest even did a survey for one of her classes and asked other students if listening to music on there cell phones distracted them from doing homework.  I just wonder how many were truly honest or if they even realize how much a cellular distracts anyone.  If they keep them to go to sleep, it takes them just longer to fall asleep.  So what has worked with me is having them turn the cell phones in before going to bed, taking them away during dinner and away during homework time.  And just last weekend, I took the cellulars away while we cleaned the house and did like the old days, and turned on the radio and blasted some music while working.  At first they were not happy then it all was fine.

I will have to admit, it does help out at times when they are there phone because it probably gives many of us moms some peaceful time because the cellulars keep the kids entertained.  But I guess it is best to just put some restrictions so they do not get so addicted to the phones and can interact like a normal human beings with the rest of the world.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A few ways to save on your electric bill...

As I am sitting here at midnight on my sofa, I am wondering how many moms know another way to save on there electric bill.  As I am not sure if some may know, I figured I would write a quick blog about it.

Some may tell me I am crazy because by the time it gets dark, they are just too tired and just want to rest and call it a day.  But during all my years as a single mom and trying to find many possible ways to save here and there, I decided to do something as a test. Well I learned that by doing the laundry at night actually can save you a few dollars every month.  I realized that when I tend to use my dryer during the day and it is a hot day, the room tends to get hotter, therefore the air conditioner needs to work stronger to cool the room down.  (Just for you to know, the laundry room is next to my family room). Then I decided to start washing clothes once the sun began to set and realized that my family room area was not feeling hot and then I started realizing that my electric bill began to get a bit smaller.  So if you are trying to lower your electric bill, feel free to try this out for the next month.  Be sure to start and end the same start date and end date that appears on your bill.  This way you will be sure if this actually will work for you.

Another TIP that I can give you is to be sure to raise the temperature when you leave in the morning or even if you are at home to about 76 to 78 degrees. Once the sun sets then you can go ahead and lower your thermostat to a more comfortable temperature for you and your children to sleep in.  It seems that I am going thru some pre menopausal issues so 70 degrees, at night with the fan on, seems to be working for me lately.  Lol...Not sure if others understand my feeling.

Oh and something else, be sure to change your bulbs to LEDs because they do cost more but they do help you save on your electric bill.

And if by some chance, you seem to have a washer that has a large capacity where you can wash your comforters and you do so, instead of putting the comforter into the dryer, after the washing, just create a temporary clothes line that can be put up & taken down and hang your comforter outside on a sunny day.  There are still some old remedies that just seem to still work out much better and can help you save on your electric bill.  If anything, you can put your comforter, at night, in your dyer and just hit touch up for a few minutes.

Hope these fews tips might help some mom out there!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Photograph taken by Samantha Brioso

Photograph taken by Samantha Brioso

Photograph taken by Samantha Brioso

Photograph taken by Ani

Photograph taken by Ani

Photograph taken by Ani

Photograph taken by Ani

Photograph taken by Ani


Sometimes having a simple arrangement can make enough of a statement piece.

You don't always need to spend a lot of money.  You can either go out and purchase small vases at your local craft store or you can even recycle your glass votives from candles that you might have purchased.  One of the things that I do is purchase Glade candles and once I fully burn them, I make sure to keep them.

You can then either use real flowers or artificial flowers.  Cut the stem short and make a small arrangement.  You can place a few rocks on the bottom too.  This can also be an arrangement for the Fall Season using Fall colors, of course.


Digital Couponing...

Not sure how many moms actually either know about Digital Coupons or even use it.  Here is a little way to save...

In todays day, which ever grocery store that you shop at, should have digital coupons.  If you have not done so, check out your groceries website and create an account online.  Once you have done so, you can click and add to your list which ever coupons that you would use.  When you check out at your local grocery store, you just input your phone number (I know that Publix works this way, using your phone # but not sure how other stores may be).  Once you input your number, all of the coupons that you selected that will be able to be applied to your purchase, WILL & you can end up saving a few dollars.  Those dollars can even be saved so you can have a mom & kids date night for ice cream or something else.  

If you happen to be lucky and have a Krogers grocery store where you live, they not only have digital coupons but some extra great money saving options. For every dollar that you spend, if you have there Krogers rewards account, you gain a point.  Once you have accumulated over 100 points you can get a discount with there gas.  For every 100 points that you accumulate, you can receive 10 cents off per gallon of gas.  I believe the limit is $1.00 off the most per transaction, but I am not sure because as soon as I can use my points, I do.  If you do not have 100 points at the time of pouring gas, just for having there rewards program, you can get 3 cents off just for being a loyal customer and joining there program.

Something else great about Krogers, is that they mail you every so often, coupons and within those coupons, they will even mail you some coupons that will allow you to purchase something for FREE.  This past weekend I was able to get Oreo cookies and a package of Thomas English muffins for FREE and saved, just in those 2, about $8.  So if you have not done so, check out your local grocery stores website and find out if they have a program that can help you save money.  If you happen to forget and you are on your way to the grocery store, you can even have your child, go online on your cellular, and have them read out the possible coupons and have them add it to your list.  This way, you can start teaching them about saving.

Hope this will help out some mom!!!

No Health Insurance for a single mom...

Not sure how many single moms out there are able to afford health insurance for themselves but I have not been able to for the past 12 years.  I have been blessed and am grateful that my ex husband has and still works for the same company and has always provided health insurance for my daughters.  But unfortunately I have not been able to provide insurance for myself.  It has been very difficult.  I have not had a mammogram.  I do not have yearly checkups.  And now I have even been having, what I believe can be pre-menopausal issues where I have had my menstrual cycle for over 30 days straight and cannot afford to go to the doctor.

So what do I do?  I google as much as I can and hope and pray for the best.  I believe it might be a hormonal imbalance but not sure until I am able to afford to go see a doctor.  Meanwhile I just pray...

Here is some small interesting information for either moms or single moms without insurance...

For the last 4 to 5 months, I have been suffering horribly from major back problems.  So bad that I would not be able to walk, I would have to even use a cane.  I tried ice packs, massage therapy (Thank God to Massage Envy package that I have had for years), chiropractor, rest, pillows and so much more.  Well, it became so horrible that I ended up in the emergency room 3 times in 3 months.  I finally had to go see a surgeon.  As embarrassing as it is, my mom helped me pay for the visit.  And guess what?  I was told be more than one doctor I needed surgery.  And to the point that it was scheduled within 2 weeks from that visit.

So the good news is I was able to have the surgery.  I was honest with the doctor and told him the truth.  I DO NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE!!!
He has very nice with me and had me sit with someone from the office.  They explained how I would still be able to have the surgery but would have to start a payment plan.  Meanwhile I am thinking, "Great, another bill that I cannot afford"  So I ended up having my surgery and paid $100 prior to the surgery so I can have it.  This is where it gets interesting.  After my surgery, I got my bill.  And BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE SURGERY, I HAD A HUGE SAVINGS.  Not that I am complaining because if it was higher, I would probably die and still not pay it all off.  But if I would have had insurance, the surgery would have cost me over $52,000 but because I have no insurance, my bills showed the discounts and have ended up with bills that are about $12,000 to $15,000.  I figure that by the time I am 75 or 76 years old I will be able to pay off my back surgery bills.  So all this has just made me wonder if health insurance is just another scam.  I just am clueless but grateful I don't have a $52,000 bill.  

No clue if this even helps anyone but I just thought it was good for others to know...  Stay Healthy Moms!!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Has anyone else seen this show? OMG...

Well I am not sure if anyone else has actually watched this show but I happened to be switching thru the channels and ran into this. 

All I can say is Wowwww!!!

I am sure someone might think differently than I am but I just cannot believe that there are people who believe or would do such craziness.  If you are bored or just want to watch some senseless show then watch 90 Day FiancĂ©.  Actually it might not be too senseless because one can try to learn & see how there are people who will take advantage of others and just be with someone for physical features, money and other interests.

This is insane.  It is about people who meet  that live in different countries and spend 90 days to get a K1 Visa. Basically one lives in the USA and the other lives in another country.  Do you know what I'm thinking?  Lol...Poor women, as single moms, risking and believing a person that they met on the internet or maybe when they went on a vacation and met someone all of a sudden fall in love.  They spend time face timing and so on and then one comes into the country to get a possible visa.  They get married or basically have 90 days to get married.  It is so so so sad.  Good guys getting fooled by women with amazing bodies who one can tell they are only with the guy because of pure interest, financial interest or just to get into the USA.  Then women giving so much up to have a man take advantage of them.  It is sad cuz some guys are just jerks with these women cuz they are overweight.  Then other guys are players and just would like to get a visa.  It is just pure craziness.  So if you are bored, you can watch such a show on TLC.  All I can say is Wowww and wonder Why did I even watch a full episode...Lol

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fall Yummy Scent to add into your home...

Fall is a few days away according to our 

calendar...September 22 is when Autumn begins 


Not sure about you, but I can't wait.  The leaves are already beginning to change.  Today, here in Georgia, we have some rain showers.  Fall Festivals are beginning to be advertised.  Pumpkins and those amazing cinnamon smelling brooms are being put out....  

As I am starting to plan when I will start putting out the decorations, I also cannot wait for the candles.  I am not sure how many of you love to burn candles but for any mom who does not want to spend a lot of money on a candle yet have the fall aroma in there home, I highly suggest purchasing the Glades Pumpkin Pit Stop. They truly can smell up a room with that nice fall scent that will not turn your stomach (at least not for me)...

So let's begin to get in the moods to be the role models for our children so they can enjoy the months to come & be the role models that we can be so they can do the same as they grow up.  

Changes can be fun so let's begin 
with the Fall Season!!!

Friday, September 16, 2016


I AM!!!

OMG CAN I JUST SAY I AM SUPER HAPPY THAT FALL IS AROUND THE CORNER BUT I REALLY WANT THE COOL AIR TO ARRIVE.  Living my entire life until almost 2 years ago in South Florida & some time in central Florida was always just HOT!  And you see I am the type of woman that sweats A LOT especially since I think I have been going thru either pre or already Menopause....  Still having a hard time dealing with it especially since I believe mood swings come with it as one of the symptoms.  Either way, always living in the heat and flat land did not drive me nuts.  I am not much of a beach going person wear you have to drive over half an hour to get to the beach (depending where you live in South Florida & traffic of course) to then arrive & have to pay for some expensive parking space, to have to fight walking in the hot sand to then lay on a towel that will soon be full of sand and have sand up your butt.  To then want to get refreshed and the water seems that it is turning green or full of a lot of stuff that you have no clue what it is and the water to be warm.  NOT MY CUP OF TEA...I know maybe may think I am insane & that is okay with me.  I also rather listen to my own music instead of everyone elses as I would like to try to relax & being I need to lose weight, in my 40's & not looking like JLo or any of the Kardashians does not help either. LOL....That is something that I need to work on probably.

One of my stops in 2015
So with that said...I am the FALL, WINTER & EVEN SPRING TYPE OF LOVING MOM.  The first time I truly saw how the leaves change to such amazing beautiful colors, I was a kid.  I was so happy & every time would either stop to take another picture or yell, while in the car to my kids, "OMG LOOK AT THOSE COLORS"...Lol  I would even stop cuz my girls wanted to jump & do a happy dance.  And moments like that are when I tell myself how well worth taking a leap of faith is & how one has to take chances in life.  If I would have not moved they would have never experienced this & loved it so much to the point that they even tell me "Mom, if you ever move us back to Florida we will hate you & never speak to you again"...

One of our stops in 2015...First time my girls & I experience Fall in real life

So YES!  We are ready for FALL... so GO AWAY HOT WEATHER & let's let Mother Nature Bloom

Freshman Year - Be aware Moms....


Do you have a Freshman girl in High School?  Well I do & I am soooo grateful that I have the relationship that I do with her up to now.  

I have always tried to build a very good relationship with both of my daughters in the hopes that they can always know that they can count on me, talk to me about anything, know that I will have an open mind or try to and give them the best advice that I know how.  I sit here thinking to myself how this was a story that needed to be told and I had to tell it before I went to bed tonight.  

Well, today I was super grateful and I will tell you why....

Today I went to drop off my oldest with a group of friends who gathered for a study group for there physics class.  It was a group of 10 students who truly help each other out and am happy because it is a group of kids with very good grades.  As I dropped off my oldest, I decided to have some mother/daughter bonding time with my 15 year old and go have pizza at a new pizza place in town.  As we were sitting at the table, after we placed our order, she looked at me and told me "Mom, you know how I always tell you things?" & of course, I replied "Yes," as I was thinking inside of me, "Oh No, what is she about to tell me & am I ready for it?" She proceeds to tell me "Well, today I decided that I really do not want to go & I am glad that you have not allowed me to go to the high school football games because I found out about a club called the Freshman 500."  So I, of course, do not think much about it and ask her what is the Freshman 500.  She then tells me that it's a club for boys to see who can have the most sex with girls Freshman year in high school and if they have it at a football game they will get more points and end up getting $500.
I was in shock.  I was trying not to freak out totally in front of her thinking OMG!!!  Then I had lost a bit of my appetite for pizza.  Also thought..."DEAR GOD, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR HAVING HER FEEL SO COMFORTABLE WITH ME & BE SO HONEST & JUST TELL ME THINGS, EVEN THOUGH THEY PUT ME IN COMPLETE SHOCK & I MIGHT END UP HAVING A POSSIBLE HEART ATTACK"... Then I think to myself "$500?...  Where would kids even get that kind of money?...Is this someone lying to her?  Pulling a prank?... And for heavens name, the fact that they are even thinking of such things is horrible"

As we keep talking & I with my ears open completely wide & my mind & body are completely focused on this conversation with her, she tells me that this girl that she knows but stays away from because the girl dresses inappropriate (which I love when she says that) and the girl also is very easy with boys & has already had sex with boys, came up yelling, like happy but in shock, that she was part of the club.  All I am thinking is "HUH?"  Apparently, this girl saw nothing wrong with the fact that she was one of the girls, that one of the boys had sex with and was trying to reach the highest number.  ONCE AGAIN, MY MIND IS SAYING "OMG...OMG...OMG" We proceed to have the conversation and of course, I talk to her & let her know how super proud I am of her & how grateful & happy that I am that she feels she can talk to me about these things. 

I then talk to her about how boys will say things just to see what they can get from a girl, how once a girl has a bad reputation everyone will know and if a person hangs out with a person like that then people will perceive to believe that everyone around that person is just as easy & the same.  I explain to her about how the time is going to come that I will allow her to go to games and how careful she must be and never stay alone or go alone to the bathroom. How she can not trust or just be with a boy alone or her be the only girl in a group of boys and soooo much more.  I am not sure if some of you may think it is a bit too much but I have always felt that I rather be honest and warn my daughters about the worse and have them think twice about an action.  I always tell them every action has a consequence in everything in life and one must try to think very hard and what the worse might be before taking an action.  I tell them, that is now and for the rest of there lives.  That does not mean that mistakes will not be made, of course they will, but I explain how it just might save them from unwanted situations like with boys.  

Now, regarding this Freshman 500 club.  The fact that children, at the age of 15, are talking about this type of stuff is just scary.  What happened to being kids and having fun in a descent way.  Girls just thinking boys are cute and that is it. What about if they might get a disease or even die from a disease.  Do they not think how many others a person might be with?  If they can become parents at a very young age.  Apparently not, and it is very sad.  I know I cannot fix the freshman class and the mentality of so many kids but I sure know that I will continue to try my best to talk to my girls, pray they make the right decisions, think before they act, share stories, try to open there eyes & continue every day of my life to talk, talk, talk and just let them know I am here for them.  I am not sure if that is something that is happening in many other schools but I sure did not want to just stay quiet and not share this with any parent.  Moms or dads.  So parents, just be aware & try to talk more to your kids to find out what is going on in there high school.  Now, I also want to let you know that my girls attend a very good public high school, in a very good area, with an amazing principal.  I have no complaints about the actual school.  I actually LOVE it.  It just is shocking what teens these days talk about or think about and I think, we as parents, should just keep trying to find out what is going on in there worlds.

To me the coolest part after all of this was when I asked my daughter, "Munchkin, I want to be honest with you and ask you if it will be alright for me to share this story on my blog so other parents can know just in case?" and she answers...."Yes, mom.  I think it would be a great idea because hopefully another mom can talk to her kids like you do with us and they will not do anything dumb and many moms will know this story so hopefully girls will not be so dumb".... and that was that!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Repurposing a vintage sink several ways...

Something that I LOVE to do & have the hopes to spread in this world is to RECYCLE.  I think so much about our planet and our kids future.  Yes, you can call me a tree hugger, I guess partially.  I have already taught my oldest to recycle.  She even brings her papers from school home, to put in the recycling bin. I am still working on my 15 year old.  It's funny cuz when we go to my parents house we all suffer because they do not recycle.  They live in central Florida and I cannot lie, at times I have even brought back a few bags of items that can be thrown in the recycling bin.  Yes, some may say..."it's a bit too much" and that is okay but I continue to hope it will help our planet.  Every time I see videos on what is happening to our oceans and the animals in it caught by plastic and so much more, sickens me.  

Okay, so back to what this is about...recycling a vintage sink!!!  I found this wonderful, semi rusted piece that I could not just leave behind.  It kept calling my name and saying "Ani, I need to be with you & loved by you"...Lol  Of course my mind went racing thinking of all the different things I could do with it.  Then I thought to myself, "OMG I can even maybe do a video but I am not someone who is use to being in front of the camera much, always behind the scenes but hey let's go for it".  And now I can give you some ideas of how you can recycle a vintage sink.  I know this is not a common piece everyone has, but remember the point of this is to try to open your mind and maybe you have something that you can reuse to possibly have the same effect.  

Here is a simple suggestion prior to doing any idea with your vintage sink...

*  using a brillo brush, brillo, if any and probably will have some rust, some of the rust away
*  wash all the dust, rust and any yuckiness that the piece may have
*  once completely dried, spray a protective finish to the piece.  It will be up to you whether you like a matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish.  It also depends if the piece will be placed outdoors or indoors.  Be sure to read the labels and spray in a well ventilated area

And now you are ready to recycle your piece...Watch the videos to get 4 different ideas of what you can do & enjoy your piece as much as I do mine...