Thursday, September 22, 2016

A few ways to save on your electric bill...

As I am sitting here at midnight on my sofa, I am wondering how many moms know another way to save on there electric bill.  As I am not sure if some may know, I figured I would write a quick blog about it.

Some may tell me I am crazy because by the time it gets dark, they are just too tired and just want to rest and call it a day.  But during all my years as a single mom and trying to find many possible ways to save here and there, I decided to do something as a test. Well I learned that by doing the laundry at night actually can save you a few dollars every month.  I realized that when I tend to use my dryer during the day and it is a hot day, the room tends to get hotter, therefore the air conditioner needs to work stronger to cool the room down.  (Just for you to know, the laundry room is next to my family room). Then I decided to start washing clothes once the sun began to set and realized that my family room area was not feeling hot and then I started realizing that my electric bill began to get a bit smaller.  So if you are trying to lower your electric bill, feel free to try this out for the next month.  Be sure to start and end the same start date and end date that appears on your bill.  This way you will be sure if this actually will work for you.

Another TIP that I can give you is to be sure to raise the temperature when you leave in the morning or even if you are at home to about 76 to 78 degrees. Once the sun sets then you can go ahead and lower your thermostat to a more comfortable temperature for you and your children to sleep in.  It seems that I am going thru some pre menopausal issues so 70 degrees, at night with the fan on, seems to be working for me lately.  Lol...Not sure if others understand my feeling.

Oh and something else, be sure to change your bulbs to LEDs because they do cost more but they do help you save on your electric bill.

And if by some chance, you seem to have a washer that has a large capacity where you can wash your comforters and you do so, instead of putting the comforter into the dryer, after the washing, just create a temporary clothes line that can be put up & taken down and hang your comforter outside on a sunny day.  There are still some old remedies that just seem to still work out much better and can help you save on your electric bill.  If anything, you can put your comforter, at night, in your dyer and just hit touch up for a few minutes.

Hope these fews tips might help some mom out there!!!

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