Friday, September 23, 2016

Cellulars vs House Work...

When I saw this...I thought it was true.  I am not sure if any one else agrees but these days technology truly takes up so much of our time but mostly of our kids times.  I was against my daughters having cell phones but my sister decided to surprise them for the holidays with cellulars.  At first I was against it, then I realized that they come in handy when needed.  If I happen to be running late to pick them up at school, I can let them know so they do not worry.  If something happens they can contact me and when they are with there father, we can communicate and just keep in touch at any time.

The bad thing is that they also have a tendency to either be listening to music, be on the whole social media, snap chat, you tube and so much.  Time passes by and if we allow them to have them, while trying to do there homework, it will only delay horribly the homework time.  My youngest even did a survey for one of her classes and asked other students if listening to music on there cell phones distracted them from doing homework.  I just wonder how many were truly honest or if they even realize how much a cellular distracts anyone.  If they keep them to go to sleep, it takes them just longer to fall asleep.  So what has worked with me is having them turn the cell phones in before going to bed, taking them away during dinner and away during homework time.  And just last weekend, I took the cellulars away while we cleaned the house and did like the old days, and turned on the radio and blasted some music while working.  At first they were not happy then it all was fine.

I will have to admit, it does help out at times when they are there phone because it probably gives many of us moms some peaceful time because the cellulars keep the kids entertained.  But I guess it is best to just put some restrictions so they do not get so addicted to the phones and can interact like a normal human beings with the rest of the world.

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