Sunday, September 11, 2016

Every PENNY counts

If it is one thing that I can say is very true is every Penny counts...  Just this past week, I was struggling thinking how would I be able to get thru the weekend to pour some gas in my car and buy some groceries.  I only had $18.01 in the bank.

I recently had back surgery and for almost 5 months now have not been able to truly work, as I normally would.  See, I am the type of woman who will spend many nights not getting much sleep to complete a job.  More than once have I had to work over 20 hours straight for a job.  My daughters call me "Wonder Woman".  I do not think that I am Wonder Woman, as I sure know that I do not have her body...Lol but one thing I know for sure, is that I give it my all to whatever job I may get & am grateful to have.

Since I have spent the last few months not truly being able to work, it has been extremely difficult for me to be able to either build a piece of furniture, sit to design, stand, walk and even sleep.  But during all of these years, as a single mom, if it is one of the things that I have learned is to keep & cherish EVERY PENNY.  Every time that I might have some change or I even find a penny, as I am walking, I pick it up and make sure to put it away in my emergency jar.

This past week, all my change literally saved me.  My youngest daughter and I sat down and rolled a bunch of change that was thrown in a bucket.  Not only was it great because we were counting money but it gave us some Mother/Daughter time to bond.  We got to talk about school, how I want her to be independent in life & happy, how boys will be boys & she needs to be smart, how her friends & her getting along, how I do get tired but in life we must always keep trying.  Heck!!! we even spoke about my divorce 12 years ago.
We ended up rolling a little over $78.  Enough for some gas and a few groceries. She was shocked!!!!  The fun part was taking all of those rolls to the bank.  Lol...I will not lie.  I get embarrassed for a moment but then remind myself and remind the teller how money is counted in different forms.  Some with dollar bills and other with coins.  As I am embarrassed and I know by the tellers face that it must not be too much fun for them, I help them organize the rolls and make some type of comment to laugh or some type of conversation to make the moment a bit easier for me.  I sometimes even wonder to myself, how many more women are out there understanding what I am going through at this moment?  Hhhmmmmm....

So for all of those moms out there who are single or struggling & do not think that every penny counts, THINK AGAIN because it just saved me for this past weekend to be able to pour some gas, get some groceries and it even help me bond with my daughter with no distractions and most importantly NO CELL PHONES while we were doing this.

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