Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Quick Tool Tip

Here is a QUICK TIP for all the single moms who either like to work with tools, like ME, or find themselves having to because they need to get something fixed in there home.  This is something that I learned the hard way & also spending more money on more than one drill, unnecessarily,  if I would have known such a thing. So I am hoping that I can help at least one mom out there to save her some money & frustration.

A Drill Bit tends to heat up when drilling into any tough surface. If the bit gets too HOT, the bit can break. To AVOID this, the easiest way is to have some water readily available to be able to DIP the hot bit into the water to cool it down.  I personally have my own plastic recycled water bottle always at my disposal just in case.  When using a drill bit, just know that when drilling the bit it will always get a bit hot, so just be on the lookout.  And most definite, DO NOT continue to drill if you happen to see some smoke coming out.  That does not mean it will catch on fire but it does mean it is way too hot.  Remember when heating metal it melts.  Oh and PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE BIT ALSO WHEN HOT!!!

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