Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Many moves as a single mom...

I am not sure how many moms have had to move but I know that I have moved ALOT in the 12 years that I have been with my girls.  When I went thru my divorce I was in Ocala, Florida.  I was blessed to have kept the property that I had with a mobile home on it as we were suppose to build a home some day.  Obviously that did not happen.  I then had one day where a realtor convinced me that someone wanted to buy the property and had a great deal.  Of course, when you hear it's a great deal, you tend to believe it a & get all excited.  So I began packing & needed to be rushed out of the farm.  Since the property had not been completely sold yet & I had to get out, I found a home, that my father co-signed for me and put the deposit with the down from the farm.  Long story short...NEVER BUY ANOTHER PROPERTY UNTIL ALL IS NOT COMPLETED WITH THE ONE THAT YOU ARE SELLING BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW.  Apparently the gentleman that was buying it was trying to be a middle man who turned out to be a con-artist and ruined the deal. I ended up with 2 properties in which I no longer was able to afford.  

My daughters & nephew exhausted from working so much
& I think do not want to move for quite some time...Lol
Needless to say, my problems as a single mom truly began.  I ended up losing the farm.  I owned my boutique, at the time, which went well for several years, until my employer, who I truly considered family & had worked with my parents in there business for several years ended up putting me under over $32,000 & her own husband also stole a bunch of tools from my home.  I had trusted him to fix my washer & dryer, one weekend, that I had to drive to Miami, Florida.  See the issue was that, at that time, the TV network that I had always worked for contacted me about a great opportunity to decorate the mansion to there #1 reality TV show.  Now, someone like me who loves to decorate & has enjoyed the life of the TV industry, could not say NO.  Plus I had all these other ideas & goals in mind.  (that's a whole other story)  So when I came back, I thought being a great boss, that I would have my employee take 2 weeks off since she had been working 6 days a week for quite some time.  Well...well...well...Guess what?  As time passed, my loyal customers informed me how there were days the boutique was not open, I began getting calls and so on...Long story.  I pressed Federal charges.  I believe the husband died and I had to sell my home & pack up & move again.  This time to South Florida.  

I moved AGAIN.  Had a major garage sale where I parted with MANY things from my boutique and divorce in order to get some money for my move.  I then moved another 3 times because once I would find a place, I would either end up with neighbors who would sell drugs, do drugs, (living in a nice city) or the landlords would just raise the rent because they could.  And after those moves, I finally got fed up with South Florida, took a leap of faith & moved to Roswell, Georgia & WE LOVE IT HERE.   But the actual move was a nightmare.  We stayed stranded for HOURS & HOURS in an empty parking lot, waiting for U-Haul, to come fix the 26' truck.  The time I moved from Ocala to South Florida, I ended up at 3am, also with U-Haul, but this time the tire blew & I waited, for HOURS & HOURS, at night, on the highway for U-Haul to show up to fix the tire.   ADVICE (just from my experience)...U-Haul is not the best to rent when traveling long distances...

BUT DO NOT BE ALARMED SINGLE MOTHERS....One must ALWAYS think the sun will shine on the other side of the tunnel & we must make the best out of some situations.  While we were stranded, I made my daughters laugh sooooooo hard that we still have pictures from those moments & memories that will not be forgotten.  

Now with all of these moves, I did learn how to pack smarter & with less money...

Here are some suggestions if anyone out there has to move...

*  BUBBLE WRAP is always great.  If & whenever I receive a package or have someone that know that receives a package & either bubble wrap is used or those air bag looking things, I always ask & keep them in reserve.

MAGAZINES & NEWSPAPERS are also great.  I am not sure about you but whenever I receive any magazines, I keep them.  They are great to wrap anything breakable.  They also do not stain your hands or clothing like the ink on newspaper does. 

* Go to your local grocery store.  Publix had a GREAT selection of FREE NEWSPAPERS at your local grocery store.  I believe that Channel 4 even had there newspapers, which they probably thought people were reading like crazy, but it was me taking at least 20 to 30 of them at one time.  I even would have my daughters put some in our cart as we were leaving.  Lol

* BOXES...go to your local grocery stores or liquor stores.  Even if I looked like I had a drinking problem, I became buddies with the nearest Walgreens Liquor stores & even knew what days I could pick up a ton of boxes.  They are not extremely big but are great to carry, especially if you have a bad back.  And of course, ask family, friends or just save any boxes that you might receive in the mail.

* Also if you are like me & you know you will be eventually having to move AGAIN, save whatever popcorn you get as it will come in very handy when the day comes of another move.  My family laughs at me because I am the Recycling Queen but a mom has to do what a mom has to do to survive & be smart.

I hope that this will help someone out one day....Best of luck to anyone moving.


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