Friday, September 16, 2016


I AM!!!

OMG CAN I JUST SAY I AM SUPER HAPPY THAT FALL IS AROUND THE CORNER BUT I REALLY WANT THE COOL AIR TO ARRIVE.  Living my entire life until almost 2 years ago in South Florida & some time in central Florida was always just HOT!  And you see I am the type of woman that sweats A LOT especially since I think I have been going thru either pre or already Menopause....  Still having a hard time dealing with it especially since I believe mood swings come with it as one of the symptoms.  Either way, always living in the heat and flat land did not drive me nuts.  I am not much of a beach going person wear you have to drive over half an hour to get to the beach (depending where you live in South Florida & traffic of course) to then arrive & have to pay for some expensive parking space, to have to fight walking in the hot sand to then lay on a towel that will soon be full of sand and have sand up your butt.  To then want to get refreshed and the water seems that it is turning green or full of a lot of stuff that you have no clue what it is and the water to be warm.  NOT MY CUP OF TEA...I know maybe may think I am insane & that is okay with me.  I also rather listen to my own music instead of everyone elses as I would like to try to relax & being I need to lose weight, in my 40's & not looking like JLo or any of the Kardashians does not help either. LOL....That is something that I need to work on probably.

One of my stops in 2015
So with that said...I am the FALL, WINTER & EVEN SPRING TYPE OF LOVING MOM.  The first time I truly saw how the leaves change to such amazing beautiful colors, I was a kid.  I was so happy & every time would either stop to take another picture or yell, while in the car to my kids, "OMG LOOK AT THOSE COLORS"...Lol  I would even stop cuz my girls wanted to jump & do a happy dance.  And moments like that are when I tell myself how well worth taking a leap of faith is & how one has to take chances in life.  If I would have not moved they would have never experienced this & loved it so much to the point that they even tell me "Mom, if you ever move us back to Florida we will hate you & never speak to you again"...

One of our stops in 2015...First time my girls & I experience Fall in real life

So YES!  We are ready for FALL... so GO AWAY HOT WEATHER & let's let Mother Nature Bloom

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