Monday, September 12, 2016

Teenagers & music....

Sitting here wondering if any other mother has a teenage girl who listens to music that the language is not understood....Lol.  Might sound crazy but my 15 year old is listening to this type of music called K-Pop that she just totally loves to hear, watch the videos and even knows some of the dance moves too...Lol  Meanwhile, all I can think of is....HUH????
So I ask her..."Munchkin, how do you even know what they are singing or saying?" & she informs me that they have the caption on the bottom of the screen.  Of course, I as a mother, ask her "Then why is it that you can learn or take the time to read the captions, learn the dances, have the patience to watch all of these videos & FOR HEAVENS NAME, WHAT IS K-POP & WHY DO THE GUYS LOOK A BIT ALIKE & LIKE GIRLS?"   OH BOY, why did I even ask.  She was sooooo upset at me, meanwhile the fact that I could not stop laughing was pretty bad in itself.  But it is true.

K-POP is apparently KOREAN music bands.  I had no clue what so ever... She listens to it constantly and dances to it.  The good news is that I have sat (in pain...Lol) reading the captions.  One song is about how they got there heart broken that a bunch of petals or flowers or something like that came out of there hearts from the pain of the heart break.  Meanwhile, I am thinking to myself "Get ready, you are only in your 20's, and the real heart aches have not begun.  But I dare not say that to my 15 year old...  Now I feel a bit alone.  I am wondering if there are any other moms out there that have this same situation going on in there home.  I do have to admit, listening to there music is not truly painful.  If you are into some upbeat, kinda dancing, type of music you can deal with it.  I only think I heard one song that had some rap style going on but overall it is not that bad.  I just have no freaking clue as to what they are saying & I personally think it is super funny...Lol  I keep telling myself, I rather that type of music instead of the hard rock or sexual, drug related or suicide type of music.  I know some may ask...Really??? And I say Yes, Really.  Some of the music that I have even listened to says some things that if I really listen to the lyrics, I would hit myself over the head for even playing it in front of my girls.  But I am honest with myself.

I feel that if I try to hide a lot or some things from my girls that they will be hearing it else where & truthfully I rather they hear the REAL TRUTH from me instead of some teenager that THINKS she knows it all but has no clue what so ever.  My girls laugh at me, many times, because I always tell them they can talk to me about anything.  I mean ANYTHING.  Then if & when we get into a subject & I explain the truth, they tend to freak out, laugh at some point & beg me to "PLEASE, MOM STOP".  At this point, I know I have done well because either they are freaked out at the truth or feel disgusted about the truth so I know I have a few more years HOPEFULLY.

This is the cartoon that she found funny about her feelings toward those who do not know or understand K-POP except the gun part.  That she said was a bit too much & I said inside of myself, THANK GOD!!!  This is the same daughter who is very creative artistically and also loves some cartoons called ANIME.  I believe those are Japanese.  They too have captions on there cartoons but those I am hoping she stays just admiring the artwork and not so much the actual cartoon.  Ohhhh, and now my daughter already spoke to anther friend who is apparently a K-POP lover too and they want to start a K-POP club in high school and have even found a Japanese teacher who will sponsor them if they get, I believe, at least 10 kids in the club.  So I give her an applause for starting her own club.  She already has some ideas of what they can even do.  I always tell her to be who she is & it seems that she has listened well.  I just hope it does not bite me in the Butt!!...Lol  I have a feeling her K-POP club will also be doing some good things because she has a HUGE heart, which I adore.

So I am not sure, like I said earlier, if anyone else's teenage girl is listening to this type of music BUT be glad because it is not that bad and the boys are a bit silly.  Actually I laugh at one video because they are dressed up looking like the Wiggles but are really not.  They just have this silly, cutesy song.  Funny because I do not remember when I was a teenager even knowing or thinking about Koreans, Japanese, Australians, European or any other type of music than the one we would listen to in high school.  I guess that is just something else we must thank technology for these days....& THAT IS A COMPLETE OTHER BLOG TO TALK ABOUT... Hhhhmmmmm.... 

For those of you who do not know what they look like, here is a picture I found of them from 2016... or better yet, you can google them so you can see it better.  This is the band that she loves called Seventeen (like the magazine...Lol)

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