Thursday, September 15, 2016

Repurposing a vintage sink several ways...

Something that I LOVE to do & have the hopes to spread in this world is to RECYCLE.  I think so much about our planet and our kids future.  Yes, you can call me a tree hugger, I guess partially.  I have already taught my oldest to recycle.  She even brings her papers from school home, to put in the recycling bin. I am still working on my 15 year old.  It's funny cuz when we go to my parents house we all suffer because they do not recycle.  They live in central Florida and I cannot lie, at times I have even brought back a few bags of items that can be thrown in the recycling bin.  Yes, some may say..."it's a bit too much" and that is okay but I continue to hope it will help our planet.  Every time I see videos on what is happening to our oceans and the animals in it caught by plastic and so much more, sickens me.  

Okay, so back to what this is about...recycling a vintage sink!!!  I found this wonderful, semi rusted piece that I could not just leave behind.  It kept calling my name and saying "Ani, I need to be with you & loved by you"...Lol  Of course my mind went racing thinking of all the different things I could do with it.  Then I thought to myself, "OMG I can even maybe do a video but I am not someone who is use to being in front of the camera much, always behind the scenes but hey let's go for it".  And now I can give you some ideas of how you can recycle a vintage sink.  I know this is not a common piece everyone has, but remember the point of this is to try to open your mind and maybe you have something that you can reuse to possibly have the same effect.  

Here is a simple suggestion prior to doing any idea with your vintage sink...

*  using a brillo brush, brillo, if any and probably will have some rust, some of the rust away
*  wash all the dust, rust and any yuckiness that the piece may have
*  once completely dried, spray a protective finish to the piece.  It will be up to you whether you like a matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish.  It also depends if the piece will be placed outdoors or indoors.  Be sure to read the labels and spray in a well ventilated area

And now you are ready to recycle your piece...Watch the videos to get 4 different ideas of what you can do & enjoy your piece as much as I do mine...

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