Saturday, September 10, 2016

Moms Taxi Service

Weekends come & go & we wonder where did they go.  At times I feel as if I am living out of my car.  Football season started!!!  Baseball is going on!!! School is back on schedule!!! And it feels as if the majority of my time is taken up by driving the kids around.  Last night was Football for my 16 year old.  Then, of course, I as a mom only want the best for my girls so I am sending them to a very good public school in Georgia & of course, the football team has to be one fo the top in the state.  I am not a sports type of gal & never really have been.  My background is more in horseback riding and the farm life so it amazes me & think its great how so many people & businesses support the school.  

But back to what I was saying.  So my Friday consisted of dropping off, picking up at school to then go home for about an hour to almost 2, to then go back to the school to then pick her up at 11pm.  Once I pick her up she is full of flour because apparently the school has some type of ritual of throwing flour all over the stadium when it is kickoff time.  Yayyyy for me.  Not only do I get to pick up my daughter at 11pm on a Friday night but now she is full of flour which is in her hair, clothes, shoes & everywhere which means now the inside of my car is full of some flour.  And OF COURSE, once I pick her up she is starving too.  All I can do is laugh.  I keep wondering did I do this to my parents? Nope because I always was at the farm with my horses, cow, goat, pigs and keeping myself entertained.

So I wonder, why do we continuously drive our children around so much?  Why do we not say "No"?  Why do we not start having them pay to help out with the gas once they start working?....I guess it is because, as moms, we just adore our kids and they will always be our babies.  BUT I am starting to think, maybe now that she is starting to work a few hours, to have her pinch in for gas.  Not because I need the money but because I want her to start realizing things in life do not come for FREE.  It can be the beginning of a life lesson of what adulthood is like.  Teens want to grow up so fast and just have no clue of all the responsibilities come with it.  

So I wonder, how many others would start charging their teens for gas to be driving them around once they get either allowance $$$ or begin to work???

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