Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Struggling with My Health as a Single Mom

It is hard enough these days in the USA to try to pay for health insurance. Premiums seem to continue to go up.  Some love Obamacare & others totally disagree.  I personally am not a fan for the fact that I am a single mom, was laid off 3 years ago and since then have been struggling trying to find an actual job.  I have been told that I am over qualified.  I have had to balance things out.  Think of how time is flying by & my children are growing up & soon will be out of the house either in college and possibly married with there own family. We tend to not appreciate each moment we have with our children, at times & one day wake up thinking "Wow, time has flown.  I miss my children being small".  We try our best and think how important it is to try & struggle to provide a roof over there heads, food, a vehicle to drive them to & from places & enough money to pay for the necessary bills.  So we tend to put ourselves off. I know I have.

Having health insurance has been important to me but more important are my girls.  I am lucky that my ex husband has a job that he can provide health insurance for my girls.  And my girls are what truly matters to me.  I keep thinking I will be fine because either way, I am not a fan of going to the doctor.  

Well now I find myself in a tough spot.  I have been with my period for over 74 days.  Not enough money to be able to make an appointment with a doctor.  There are days the flow is heavy and others not so bad.  I go online and I google, only to find so many different scenarios, so many different answers as to what might be wrong with me.  Needless to say, it does not help me to google because if not, I will go insane.  I found a doctor that someone recommended to me and left a message and now waiting to find out how much my first visit would be knowing that there will be tests asked to be done, knowing that I don't have the money for it so what does a mother do?  Just hope for the best.  Think it may be menopause.  Hope it just goes away and leaves me alone.  

So for those moms that have no insurance, I totally understand how you feel. There are days that it does not matter and other days that you wish that you had insurance.  But all that one can do is continue to fight in life and hope for the best.  I opened my own company and things seem to get better.  There is a lot of stress that comes with owning your own business but I also enjoy being able to spend time with my kids and setting my own hours.  All I can keep saying is  DON'T give up! HOPE & FIGHT for the BEST!  

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