Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Holiday Shopping on a budget....

As a single mom, this time of the year can be very stressful.  Some are smart enough to start shopping, little by little, staring in July.  Others do not have the extra cash to even do it and just hope that by the end of the year, things get better financially.  Some have the credit cards maxed out, some do not even have credit cards.  So how does a mom do it?  How do you try to give your children a nice holiday?  I have been working on those same questions for years now and still do not have the perfect answer.  I just do it whatever way that I can do it, during this time of the year and hope for the best.

I will not lie.  There have had a couple of years where I have been blessed that I have had BFF's that have literally lent me $250 on December 23rd to go out & rush on shopping & wrapping so I would have been able to have given my girls a Christmas.  Other Christmas',  I have been blessed that I have borrowed from my siblings.  Others I have not paid some bills and just fallen behind or have even delayed paying the electric bill, gas bill and/or the phone bill, just to be able to purchase a few things for my girls.  I know that is not the responsible thing & right thing to do and would not suggest that to my own daughters but to me, it would be worse, having my girls wake up on Christmas morning with nothing under the tree.  Then again, no matter what the size has been, I have been blessed that I have been able to have some sort of tree for the holidays for the girls.  I think to myself how sad it is for others who do not even have a home to be in or food to eat and I just am even more grateful.  This is part of the reason why I keep hoping that one day I will be able to give to those who truly need it.  

So what does a mom do during this time of the year when having a very tight budget?

Well, if by some chance you have figured or saved by now some money to be able to do some shopping, and are on a tight budget here are some suggestions that maybe can help you out;

  Think of purchasing more little things & wrapping each one individually so your children have more to open, just for fun...

  Take a look at their list or pay more attention, when going out, to the little, inexpensive items that you said "NO" to, at the time, and go back & purchase them...this way Santa gave them what you had said No to...Lol

  Shop online for GREAT SAVINGS & compare prices...
  Fingerhut, actually can help you out, EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT ONE WHO BELIEVES IN GETTING INTO MORE DEBT, but will make an exception during this time of the year for my children.  Fingerhut has a great selection to help out parents and if approved, you can pay it all little by little.

  Be creative.  Go to Pinterest for ideas.  Make your own gifts.  Think of possibly giving a calendar to help or teach your children to get organized.  Just be sure that they will LOVE the pictures on the calendar.  Create a little bag of the goodies that you normally do not allow them to have often...Like a Christmas Goodie Bag!!

  And you always can call on your friends.  Use it as an excuse, gather together & brainstorm & I am sure that several moms gathering together will be able to come up with some great ideas.  This way you can have the excuse to get together, chat, laugh, brainstorm & even have some coffee or even a glass of wine...

Good luck to you all & I hope that this post possibly helped out someone!!!  

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