Thursday, December 8, 2016

Running out of Ingredients while cooking...

Have you ever forgotten some ingredients as you are already cooking?  

Well I sure have!  The other day I just had one of those days.  I had forgotten my list at home so I thought that my brain, as a mom, would be able to absorb and remember all of the ingredients needed when I went to the grocery store.  Hahaha...that was a funny thought! Not sure how many of you have had the same thing happen to them and probably more than once.  Do not feel alone!  I am here with ya sistas....

I normally try my best and actually do well planning out the menu for the week of the dinners that I will be cooking.  And YES, I ACTUALLY EVEN WRITE IT ON THE KITCHEN CALENDAR & YES I DO HAVE A KITCHEN CALENDAR TOO...This way I know what ingredients I need to purchase and hope to make it to the grocery store one time within a week.  Not sure if you try to accomplish the same thing.  I once again say "TRY" but does not seem to always work. 

Just the other night, my children were excited that I was cooking one of the meals that they truly enjoy.  Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken with pasta!!!  Yummmm.... Well as I began cooking, I have the pan on the stove... chicken is cooked.... pasta is boiling .... beginning to add some more ingredients.  Well, I swore that I had enough heavy cream left but I was soooo wrong.  I panicked, my daughters started laughing & told them to stay watching the stove as I needed to run to get some heavy cream... I ran to the grocery store, bought some more and came back.  I kept cooking... the pasta was already ready.... started adding the parmesan cheese & BAMMMM REALIZED I DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH PARMESAN CHEESE.  By this time, my kids were having a great time laughing at me, I was worried if I could even save this dinner & ran out once again to the same grocery store.  Bought some more parmesan cheese... then once I got into the car, my wallet fell and EVERYTHING (receipts folded, rewards cards, credit cards, license, change, etc... all fell out)  All I just was able to do was sit in the car alone & BURST OUT LAUGHING.  When I got home and I told my daughters, they laughed so hard that tears came down their cheeks.  
Well all I can say is the meal was completed!... Pasta overdone and sitting for such a long time does not taste the same!... and when cooking a dish that you end up taking so many breaks because of lack of ingredients, it just will not taste the same...Lol  But we all ate it as it is not good to waste food when so many more do not have much to eat...

So if someone else has had a similar experience, just know that you are not alone.  A moms laugh is always an adventure.  We just have to be sure to try to laugh at the end of it all so we can keep our sanity!  Power to Mommies!!!

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