Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Your Kids "Themed" Christmas List...

Wow!!!!  It is that time of the year again...

That time that moms enjoy the baking, music and the holidays BUT also stress out majorly.  As if we don't have enough on our plates by trying to keep the house cleaned, meals on the table, food in the pantry, clothes washed, be sure of everyones schedule, etc...now we can add decorating the tree and house for the holidays, being sure Santa brings what is on the list and preparing for the big lunch or dinner.  

       As if all that is not stressful enough, I am sitting here wondering how many other moms are out there that deal on a yearly basis with their child and the list.  Either the list has 100 items on it or the list has a consistent theme throughout the list. (Lol)  All being an item that pertains to the same artist, movie, cartoon or whatever there love is at THIS TIME during the year.                                                                                              My teen daughter is going thru this year her LOVE for a Korean Boy Band.  YES!  I said Korean...Lol.  I still do not even know how she even understands them.  It seems that her brain absorbs better learning Korean, which in my mind set it cannot be an easy language to learn, more than her brain cares to absorb information in high school from her classes. Lol

One year was the One Direction boy band, another year was Harry Potter (even though she still loves Harry Potter) and so on.  So my question here is...Do we, as moms, give in and just give in to the Themed list gifts knowing that phase will soon end for them and all of that money was spent?  I think this does happen to others because I also remember my other daughter having an obsession for owls one year and when spring came around she was bored of owls.

So,  I wonder, Am I alone or are there other moms dealing with this too?  Do you feel as confused as I am?  Would you feel guilty for not giving your child what they "currently" want knowing that they will soon be over it?  The good news for me is that the list got shorter this year.  I no longer have to laugh and see there are 100 items on a list...Lol.  As I am writing this, I think to myself that in life it is always good to put things on a balance.  So I think I will still give in to some or a few items on the list of the Korean boy band, knowing soon the phase will go away, & then just ask Santa to bring her a few other things that I still know that she will enjoy and not expect.  Plus I am just grateful that I will be able to get her a few things this year!  I wish you all very Happy Holidays!!!

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