Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Boys Bathroom Car Racing Idea...


No clue what to do after the Winnie the Pooh or Disney stage is over and you have a boy?  Or maybe he just 💙💙💙 s car racing.  Well here is a simple and inexpensive idea that will only take Paint, Patience & Time & a few little other things.  All you need is a nice white, smooth wall.  By using some paint, you can turn a bare white wall into a statement wall.

Here is something that I painted for a client.  The client wanted something simple for the mens bathroom.  The bathroom is small.  Just one toilet.  I had a tight budget to work with to decorate an entire office, including the bathrooms.  So I thought to myself, "Well, the clients business is in the automobile industry...Hhmmm" and I came up with this.  Using some black and white paint, a large level, pencil, tape, PATIENCE....this is how it turned out

I went to the local Home Depot.  Painted the 4 walls grey and then painted the racing stripe, center of the wall, opposite to the toilet.  I honestly would have wanted to do more but I was limited on my time and had a deadline to meet.  So being that the wall was not completely smooth, I purchased some small wood moldings, painted them black, cut them to size and gave the wall a dimensional look but adding the wood to the borders and the borders of each square so the end result can be a smooth, clean, dimensional look.  

And lastly, I purchased a light weight, metal automobile themed sign and hung it on top of the checkered look to incorporate more of the automobile theme in the bathroom.  In materials the cost was not much.  What was most costly was my time but all that mattered and still matters to me is that my client ended up being a very happy client at the end of the job and now 💙💙💙 s their bathroom.
So Moms....if you happen to have a son, who just LOVES CARS, and has grown into the "Big Boy" stage and you are not sure what to do and/or do not have much $$$ to do it with, here is an idea!  Just add the details to it after, but at least you have the foundation & VROOM VROOM AWAY WITH IT ALL AFTER

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