Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cry...wipe...breath...& Move on! it's Okay!

I am sure that I am not alone on this one.  We, as Moms, as humans, get overwhelmed, at times.  One feels hopeless.  So sad that all you want to do is sleep.  You feel that you keep on trying and trying and things keep happening.  Yeap!  That is how I have been feeling.  I have been here before and have stepped out of it.  I have been working on getting so much organized, have been renting a house for over 2 years that has not been in the best of conditions but at first, the rent was reasonable.  The landlord is not good.  What I have been paying is not worth the house we have been living in BUT I have stayed here to try to give myself the time needed to get things in order.  Being a single mom and with so much that has happened to me, my girls and I have moved several times.  Too many honestly that we are tired.  So go figure, just as my life, I feel, is going on a more positive path, I get an email from my landlord that he is putting the house for sale and if I want to buy it or move out! 

I have felt helpless, tired and no clue what to do... I went online and started looking for ANOTHER RENTAL.  My credit went downhill, after my divorce.  I truly have not been able to save money because I live check to check, job to job.  Well, as always A GOOD CRY ALONE CAN BE VERY HELPFUL!  This morning, as I had to step out, I literally parked alone in an empty parking lot, sat looking at the trees and just started to cry.  I cried for a while.  Then I wiped my tears.  I took a few, long deep breaths, turned on the car, played "The Secret" cd and drove away.  While driving, I thought to myself..."It was good that I cried, I wiped my tears, I took a long breathe and now I need to Move On and see what I can do.  I need to pray.  I need to make a plan.  My girls need me.  I am not ready to Quit.  I want to do something good and help others soon but first I must help myself"

I must be honest, I have listed to the cd "The Secret".  This is not my first time.  It is good to listen over and over.  Sometimes we listen or read books and get on track.  We then happen to take a fall, run off the road and forget what we read or listened to and forget to put it on track.  Our brain is an amazing body part that we must work on every day of our lives.  It is such a powerful tool that we are not completely sure how to use it or how much we actually use and can use more of.  It is like singing a song.  One must listen to it over and over to get the words right but you have to keep playing the song so you do not forget the words.  No clue if you just understood what I meant but I hope you did.  😀 😀 😀  When times are tough, it is okay to cry but we must WIPE THE TEARS & MOVE ON!

I think to myself..."I AM NOT ALONE"  I was googling women crying, as I was trying to find images to write this blog, and I ran into Oprah & Jennifer Lopez picture crying.  Got me to think even more.  Those are women that are very successful today but they have been through so much.  We have no clue.  We have only heard some stories.  We have heard of some of Oprahs' very difficult childhood and her way up the ladder, as a black woman, trying to make it.  Wow!  and look at her today!  Then I think of Jennifer Lopez.  

She is beautiful, an amazing body, stays fit, can dance, sing, act.  Some say as a person she can be a Diva.  Some say she is nice.  I, personally, met her when I worked in Television and designed sets and had my own experience.  No matter what my opinion may be, good or bad, she still is amazing.  She is now a single mom.  I know, many say that because of all of the money and fame that she has, being a single mom must be easy for her because she has a ton of help.  But I disagree.  No matter how much money one may have or not have, the most difficult job, as a mother, is being there for our children.  Establishing a relationship with them.  Guiding them.  Hoping we all are doing a good job and that, my friends, money cannot buy.  That requires a lot of time, patience and heart.  

So after my cry, my wiping of the tears and breathing in and out.  I came home.  Kept listening to my cd.  Walked down to my office.  Sat on the sofa, read a book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and just read over some pages from one of my favorite books "You can Heal your Life" by Louise L. Hay.  I took the information in.  Gave myself a pep talk and sat down to write my blog and once I finish I will write some daily goals on my agenda and be sure to not go to sleep until they have been checked off.

Just know, Moms.  We each have a right to cry.  We all have good days and bad days.  Life can be tough.  As single moms, we can feel we have it tougher, but some may and some may not.  No one is alone.  Just REMEMBER...It is okay to cry!  Then Wipe your tears!  Take a good long breath & Move On...because our children need us, we have the blessing to be able to live another day and WE MUST BE STRONG & GIVE IT ALL WE HAVE!  Our children need us.  So find what ever works best for you after a good cry.  Whether it be a good book, a walk, a jog, a punching bag, music, candles, incense or what ever it may be.  Find it & use it.

I wish all Moms a beautiful, happy & productive day!!!

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