Monday, June 26, 2017

Movies Rated yet the internet is not...???

Has any mom ever wondered about this?  Do we say "No" to an R-rated yet do we even think about what our children have full access to on the internet?  How much can we really do?  If we install the Parent Control, does one think that they can still access to anything from anywhere else?

These are the questions that were running through my head, yesterday, as my 17 year old wanted to go see a movie with her friends.  Rough Nights!  Rated-R!  Well I got very lucky because once we spoke she did not even want to go see it because she said she would feel weird.  I sat down and spoke to her and told her that their would probably be some scenes that would be inappropriate.  Being that they were going in a group of friends and her and I spoke, after talking I saw it in her face that she was not crazy about the idea of going to see the movie.  We then even discussed about how would she be able to get in being that she was underage.  Well, when I checked online, do you know that if a parent purchases the ticket for their child and the movie is R-rated they will be able to see the movie?  I had no clue that worked that way.  

All of this got me thinking....So the movies are rated and children are really not suppose to be allowed to get in to watch an R-rated movie if they are under age BUT WHAT ABOUT THE INTERNET?  Scary thought? Is it not?  I know to me it is.  I know at this point, in our lives and in the world that we live in today, their is not much that we can do about some of these situations.   I just know that all we can truly do and give it all that we have is JUST TALK TO OUR CHILDREN!
Because since their is so much out of our control, all we can hope for is that the words that we use to speak to them, hopefully will sink in and they will think about what they do twice or maybe even more than that.  I do hope mine do.  I mean, I know I would be lying to myself because we all too once teenagers.  Some of us were bad, got into trouble, while others were good.  I just know who I was and who I am and all I know is that I will continue to keep on trying and talking as much as I can and as much as they will listen in the hopes that some of the words I speak to my girls will sink in so they do not make HUGE MISTAKES that they can regret later in life.

We all need to keep trying.  Keep communicating.  Keep listening to our children.  Keep trying to be patient.  Try to have open minds.  Give them the best advice we can.  Give them plenty of love.  Let them know how amazing they are.  To never give up.  To never let others be a bad influence on them.  And we all need to just keep hoping for the best for our children because I honestly feel, at times, that it is much tougher for our children these days than it was for us when we were younger.

Just a thought!

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