Monday, June 12, 2017

Sex Talk with my Teenager!

my Facebook post today!

Wow!  How time flies.  Have missed writing on my blog for quite some time.  Holidays came & went & soon will be here again.  Time for all of us Moms to FREAK OUT!  But Guess what?  I freaked out more, today, when my 16 year old & I were sitting inside my car, waiting on her sister to get out of work & she decided to talk about SEX!

YES!  This is how I felt inside...Lol   But on the outside I was pretty calm or at least it looked like it.

It started out that she wanted to share with me these funny videos of teenagers sharing with their parents when was it that they first lost their virginity and at what age and where.  Then it was quite amusing because the roles were reversed and the teens had to ask the parents at what age did they loose their virginity, with who, where and how many sexual partners have their parents had.  As we sat and watched it together, we both laughed.  We had some nervous, uncomfortable laughs as well as some regular comfortable laughs.

Now I have always tried to have a very open relationship with both of my girls about any subjects.  Meaning drugs, bullying, love, death, money and just about life.  I have spoken to both of them and are currently both 16.  Yes, their is a time they are the same age and are not twins.  They are 10 1/2 months apart and it was not planned, at least not to me and yes, I was on the pill but I had happen to be that lucky 1%.  Lol...  Well today my relationship with my youngest I feel grew stronger.  Once we finished watching the short video and laughed, she then asked me questions as she had both hands underneath her chin, LOOKING STRAIGHT AT ME!  She asked..."so Mom, at what age did you loose your virginity?  With who?  Were you madly in love with him?  Where was it?  What happened to that relationship?  Did you think of marrying him?"
And this was how my head felt with all of those Questions. I went ahead, TOOK A VERY DEEP BREATH! PROCESSED ONE QUESTION AT A TIME & HIT HER WITH THE ANSWERS.  As she sat there TOTALLY LISTENING, ABSORBING EVERY WORD THAT I SAID, I began feeling at ease talking to her.  I know that we were both nervous and not sure who was more than the other, but the point was 


I explained it all and Thanked her at the end.  I let her know how happy and most of all, GRATEFUL, for the fact that she felt so comfortable and trusting in me that she came to me first.  I explained to her how many friends, at her age, could give her the wrong information simply because they have no clue or can even give her wrong information to see her make a big mistake, fail and so on.  Our Mother/daughter bond grew stronger.  I FELT AWESOME!  My eyes teared up knowing that my little girl is growing up and how scary it is but I must stay strong and continue to try to guide her the best that I can because someday she too might be a mommy and I would want her to have the same relationship that we have and possibly even stronger and try to be as wise as I was today.

So I will not bore you with the more details but I will say this to ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE who are single or not....I know we have a tough job because we must be the disciplinary, the role model, the bond, the friend, the teacher, police officer, lawyer and just EVERYTHING to our children BUT the one most important thing, I BELIEVE & I am no expert, is to just COMMUNICATE, BE REAL, BE HONEST, LISTEN, DON'T GET MAD WHEN THEY ARE COMING TO YOU & TRY TO GUIDE THEM THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE AFTER TAKING THOSE LONG DEEP BREATHS AFTER A CRAZY, UNEXPECTED QUESTION.

I wish you all the best of luck!  And I will get back on track and keep on sharing my stories with anyone who has the interest to read them because I think as..


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