Thursday, July 20, 2017

A must see for Mommies...

Okay so I should be working right now but I AM NOT!  Why?  Because last night as I was messaging my cousin through Facebook.  While we were chatting she asked me if I have seen this show on TV Land called "Younger". First of all I had no clue what TV Land was even.  Lol..then I had no clue about a show called Younger either.  So thankfully for the internet as it wa 1:00am I googled TVLand then signed in and found the show.

So for all the moms who do not watch much tv or just want some entertainment, I highly recommend the show.  

I am more of someone who truly does not watch much TV.  Either reading a book, finding inspirational quotes, working on organizing my life so I can start on my next goal, being a mom to 2 Teenage girls who I taxi them around and just deal with all of the other mom stuff we all have to deal with.  BUT this has had me since last night falling behind on my To Do List.

I will tell you a little bit just to see I get you hooked too.  It is about a mom who her husband cheated on her with a younger woman.  She has a daughter whom she devoted her life to being a mom.  She is trying to get a job and ends up living with her best friend in Brooklyn.  They have the idea that in order for her to get a job she needs to lie and say she is 26 so she does.  The truth is that she is 40.  Either way, she finally gets a job in an industry that she likes and it all goes from there.  I do not want to say too much more just in case someone wants to google it too and get caught up watching the show.  But I will say that it really is unfair that trying to find a job, after 40, is much more difficult and I can understand what she feels like.

I started last night.  I watched Season 1, Episode 1 through Episode 5.  Today I have watched Season 1, Episode 6 through Episode 12, which is the last Episode of Season 1.  AND I AM FORCING MYSELF TO GET BACK TO ALL I NEED TO DO...

Just a quick FYI, for all those mommies...just check it out & that is all I will say for now.  Oh & NO, I do not work for the show either...Lol

This is just Mommy Entertainment!