Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to find some money...

You probably are wondering that the answer to this question is not easy but it actually can be.  

Lately, I have been looking around at so much that I have from when my girls were younger as well as items that I truly do not even use or like any longer.   The thought of having a garage sale came to mind but I dreaded thinking about waking up super early, pricing items, dragging them outside and then what ever would not sell, drag it back in.  Just the thought made me tired.  So I thought to myself...:Wait, what is the one thing everyone does these days? on the computer, internet..."  & that is when I began researching more.

Do you realize that with social media and the internet how much easier it can be to sell items that you no longer use or care to have?  Well, I did.  I forgot that Facebook has what they call, I believe, their "Facebook Marketplace".  So I went ahead and took out the play kitchen that I have had from when my girls were younger along with the plates, cups and pots & pans that it had.  I had my teenager clean it all up for me a bit and took pictures....

 Here are some of the pictures.  I made sure to take a picture of the front, back, sides, inside & all of the little extras that I would be selling with the kitchen.  So I went onto Facebook, searched under Groups for groups that were around my area and joined them.  Once I got approved, I went ahead and put the kitchen up for sale for $45.  Well I was shocked!  I put it up for sale right before I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning, I had 5 people interested & asking me if I still had it.  So I decided to continue on my voyage of hunting for items that I would want to sell so I can have some extra cash.  I need to figure something out because my landlord has decided to put up for sale the house that I have been renting from him for the last 2 1/5 years and now will have to move again.  I am just hoping that he will wait until my lease is up, if not I have researched that he might have to be paying for my moving fees.

My point being, just when you might think you have no way of getting some extra cash, just LOOK AROUND YOUR HOME!  I am sure that you might have some clothing, movies, toys, jewelry that you might not care to have any longer or some house decor pieces that you are bored of.  Go ahead & get on the internet & social media.  Sell it on ebay, sell it on Facebook or their are also many apps that you can sell items on.  I am sure that just when you thought you had no money laying around, you actually could have a few hundred or even more.

As I continue on this journey, I will make sure to write about it again & put it on my blog in the hopes that this might light up your lightbulb as I am sure you can use some extra cash & less clutter in your home.  

Remember, what might be trash to you, might be a treasure to someone else & you can also just be helping out another mom who might need it more than what you do.