Thursday, July 13, 2017

Teen Vogue publishing controversial guide...

Okay, so I am not even going to put a title or anything on this one.  I was on my facebook page and saw this post that Teen Vogue just published.  I am not sure what some may think but I honestly do not care to have my teenagers reading or looking at this.  The target audience is 11-17 and teaching how to have anal sex, masturbate, etc...  I am not sure how many moms might feel about this but I really do not care for any magazine to teach such things to my children.  I know some may agree with the magazine and others may not.  I have literally "copied & paste" the article written onto this blog to let other moms be aware of what this issue has published.  I know this is simple.  I do not need or will I purchase this magazine.  DONE!  But I decided to write about it on my blog because it just made me think and wonder "Should I just let other moms know, just in case they feel how I do?"  So I took the chance.  I also doubted my decision because by me blogging about this article/magazine I am giving them more publicity which is not what I want but once again, I would like to make aware to other moms that it was published.  So damn if I do and damn if I don't.

My concern is....Have we, as a society, TOTALLY LOST ALL OF OUR MORALS?  Look, I will be honest with you.  I have no issues with anyone who is homosexual.  I have friends that are homosexual and it truly does not make a difference to me.  I respect and care for them and would help them just as I would someone who is straight.  I have even thought, at times, how difficult it must be to have to deal with admitting to family members, friends and so on that one is homosexual if they feel that the family or friends will not be able to accept it.  I believe it must be difficult.  I have a massage therapist that is gay and I feel perfectly comfortable with her giving me massages.  Heck, we even have discussions about life and issues just as I would with anyone else.  So my issue here is not anyone who is homosexual, if they like to masturbate, have anal sex or whatever.  Every person has and does what they choose to do in their own personal room/life.  BUT I do not care to have my children reading or seeing illustrations, pictures or whatever about how to go about having anal sex or anything else.  I feel that is up to me and my relationship with my children to discuss such matters.  I have and keep on trying to let them know that we can talk about ANYTHING.  We have talked about boys, girls, friends of theirs that are homosexual, Heck... I LOVE one of their friends who is gay.  I have cooked for him.  I have taken him out to spend the day with us.  Loved him, hugged him just as if he was one of my own.  So truthfully, that is not my issue here.  I just feel that this article went a bit far.  I just look at it this way....  I have a good enough relationship with my children and we talk about so many subjects BUT IT IS UP TO ME, THEIR MOTHER, to make the choice of how things, topics, situations, etc... should be discussed, explained and just spoken about.  I honestly have an open mind.  I listen to them as they listen to me.  At times, I might not agree or fully understand how they are thinking regarding a matter but I try to see it as they do and talk some more so we can come to an understanding.  If not their have been times, that we might not agree and I give them my opinion and let time pass to see what the outcome will be.  I have done this with friends that I might not agree with that my daughters hang out.  BUT once again, I breathe in and out, I have faith and hope for the best that they will see what I am saying and walk away from that person OR that time will pass and I will realize that I was wrong and let them know.  But truthfully 99% of the time, I was right and they come to me and let me know I was right and they should have listened.  Then I hug them and let them know it is okay because we always need to learn in life and observe.  BUT LIKE I SAID THAT IS MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY CHILDREN & I DO NOT NEED ANY MAGAZINE PUBLISHING SUCH AN ARTICLE AS TEEN VOGUE JUST DID.

I have always loved Vogue.  I love the fashion that is published, health & beauty topics, cute stories to read, what is the latest trend, makeup tricks, etc... but this one is just not one that I agree with, will spend my money on or care to share with my girls.  All I can do right now is...If they happen to see it, then it will be one of those discussions that we have and on this one I really think they will just not even care to read about it. 

 I guess that Teen Vogue just might not have many more topics and the magazine might not be going as well as they like so they made a decision that they know will get attention and possibly more sales and take the chance.  This can either make them sink or swim.  I personally care to see the article sink and hope they made wiser choices to write about.

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