Friday, October 20, 2017

Halloween DIY short video... A fun project to create with the kids!

Well, it has been quite some time since I have been writing on my blog, as you 
all can tell.  I apologize as I have been very entertained getting ready for Halloween.

Not sure how many of you celebrate Halloween, but here in the United States it is a fun holiday that we celebrate and kids just have a great time trick or treating.  Going from house to house, with friends, and just gathering up lots of candy & enjoying seeing homes decorated.

Some may not find Halloween fun, as they just might think it has to be scary but I am one who just loves to have fun & decorate some areas scary, but not too scary and others just cute.  This DIY video is something that is not only cute but fun & easy to create with your kids.  It can be a time of fun & bonding in preparation for Halloween.  I have been spending lots of time creating scenes for my
& was hoping to start sharing on my blog before Halloween comes to an end.  If you have a facebook page, be sure to visit "Twyne Designs" & LIKE the page so you can see so much more.  I hope to inspire some of you and/or hope that many of you will enjoy viewing the video.  This video was designed, produced & editted by Twyne Designs.
Hope you all enjoy the month of October & wish everyone many blessings.