"SOLO LOVE" is a blog about a single mom with 2 amazing teenage girls that has that special "One Type of Love" (SOLO LOVE) for her children, as every mom does.  It is a blog that shares her trials and tribulations about raising 2 girls on her own.  Her honest writing and story telling about laughter, tears, many times of moving from one place to another along with the many ups and downs in life.

SOLO LOVE is a blog that you can read and realize that in many cases you might not be alone.  A diary of what it is to be a single mom with teenagers. Along as reading about many of life's ups and downs, you will also be able to find some ideas on recycling, decorating, budgeting and making the best of what life gives you.  Learning to laugh through the hardest of times and reaching for that bright and shining star always.

Welcome to my blog!!!

My name is Ani Brioso.  I am not only a single mom but an entrepreneur, business owner, decorator, designer, crafter, recycler, ("Recycling Queen,") cook, maid at times (to the kids), carpenter, painter and a taxi driver to the kids.  I am bilingual, born in South Florida, now living in beautiful Georgia.  I have been a single mom now for over 12 years to 2 amazing girls.  I hope to someday be able to travel or go on a vacation with my girls as they still have no clue what it is to ride on an airplane.

I have over 18 years of decorating, designing & graphic design in the Television industry.  I have worked for CBS, NBC & Univision Network.  I owned my own boutique for 8 years at a time where I sold my own line of jewelry that I had designed along with some lines of my own clothing.  I love to work with my hands and create.  I take challenges then after ask myself "What was I thinking?", "Can I really do this?", Why did I get myself into this?"...Lol & so many other questions but I always seem to manage to continue to take on more challenges and make it happen. 

I currently own my business, twynedesigns.com 
Twyne Designs not only has it's own website but you can also follow me on:

Owning a business, as a single mom, is not something that is easy to do.  There are days that are very exhausting and stressful but my saviors have always been my 2 girls.  They have been the reason for me to fight, laugh, cry and keep trying to reach for the stars.  They always remind me how we do not have a normal life but I always remind them how blessed we are to have each other.

I hope that you will find yourself, thru my blog, realizing that you are not alone. I have had many financial struggles.  I have had many life changing situations happen to me but I have always managed to laugh a lot.  Life is too short and we never know what the next minute might bring us. 

I will be sharing recycling tips, decorating tips, teenage stories, my financial struggles and whatever just pops into my head in the hopes that you will be inspired and will begin to follow me on my blog.   

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