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No clue what to do after the Winnie the Pooh or Disney stage is over and you have a boy?  Or maybe he just 💙💙💙 s car racing.  Well here is a simple and inexpensive idea that will only take Paint, Patience & Time & a few little other things.  All you need is a nice white, smooth wall.  By using some paint, you can turn a bare white wall into a statement wall.

Here is something that I painted for a client.  The client wanted something simple for the mens bathroom.  The bathroom is small.  Just one toilet.  I had a tight budget to work with to decorate an entire office, including the bathrooms.  So I thought to myself, "Well, the clients business is in the automobile industry...Hhmmm" and I came up with this.  Using some black and white paint, a large level, pencil, tape, PATIENCE....this is how it turned out

I went to the local Home Depot.  Painted the 4 walls grey and then painted the racing stripe, center of the wall, opposite to the toilet.  I honestly would have wanted to do more but I was limited on my time and had a deadline to meet.  So being that the wall was not completely smooth, I purchased some small wood moldings, painted them black, cut them to size and gave the wall a dimensional look but adding the wood to the borders and the borders of each square so the end result can be a smooth, clean, dimensional look.  

And lastly, I purchased a light weight, metal automobile themed sign and hung it on top of the checkered look to incorporate more of the automobile theme in the bathroom.  In materials the cost was not much.  What was most costly was my time but all that mattered and still matters to me is that my client ended up being a very happy client at the end of the job and now 💙💙💙 s their bathroom.
So Moms....if you happen to have a son, who just LOVES CARS, and has grown into the "Big Boy" stage and you are not sure what to do and/or do not have much $$$ to do it with, here is an idea!  Just add the details to it after, but at least you have the foundation & VROOM VROOM AWAY WITH IT ALL AFTER

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Decorating a Babies Nursery...

You just found out you are going to be a mommy.  Well Congratulations!!!  
You have many things running thru your mind.  Whether it is going to be a boy or girl, you want it to be healthy, what color eyes, what do I need and "OMG HOW DO I DECORATE THE NURSERY???"  

Well here are just a few suggestions that hopefully can help you out. 
When decorating your babies nursery, people always tend to think that the only option is to go to your local paint store and just paint the walls a solid color.  Well know that there are other options too.

Just because you paint the walls, does not mean that all the walls need to be the same color.  You can have a base color but either do it yourself or hire an artist to paint a mural.  This picture is of when my girls were born.  While pregnant, I painted this tree for the nursery, as painting is not only relaxing for me but I felt as if she knew I was doing something special for her and then after I truly knew it was well worth it when I had my other little girl who also LOVED there room.  I wanted a Winnie The Pooh theme at the time, so I decided to paint  a tree in the corner.  But I wanted to add some 3 dimensional elements and painted some pieces of wood with Winnie The Poohs friends name on them along with hot gluing some fabric butterflies to the tree and on the walls.  I added some other touches and even incorporate a quote that I loved when I saw it once at Walt Disney World.  I remember even painting the top of the bedroom ceiling with a sky and stars.  It was just something that I truly enjoyed painting especially knowing it was for my little girls.

Now if you worry about having a mural painted or cannot afford it another option is to use wall paper.  One can always try to pick a wall paper that will last for several years, hopefully into there teenage years because once they hit the teens, we all know how there mind will change along with the hormones...Lol    Below is a picture of a bedroom utilizing wall paper.  This wall paper can definitely last for many years as it is neutral and you can combine it with many colors from bright to calming tones.

And if wall paper does not work for you either, you can always shop online and purchase some wall decals.  The good thing about the wall decals is that they are easily removable once your child would like to make a change to the room.  Plus they tend to be inexpensive, depending on the size and the design.  And if you truly want to get creative, you can locate a print shop and design your own and apply them to the wall.  You just need to check and be sure the print shop can do such type of work.  If not, you can always rely on Google and shop around.  For example, always has great artists.  Just remember to always try to check there credentials.  Below is a picture of a bedroom that used decals purchased on

And last, if the mural, wall paper or decals is not something that you would like to use.  You can always just purchase some prints and turn a wall into a gallery wall making it the main focus of the bedroom.  And just because you create a gallery wall does not mean that your background wall has to be a solid color, it can be from solid to stripes to even poca dots.  Whatever you feel would make a happy and positive environment for your baby.

I hope one of these suggestions will make it easier for any mommy out there!!!
Enjoy Decorating!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Sometimes having a simple arrangement can make enough of a statement piece.

You don't always need to spend a lot of money.  You can either go out and purchase small vases at your local craft store or you can even recycle your glass votives from candles that you might have purchased.  One of the things that I do is purchase Glade candles and once I fully burn them, I make sure to keep them.

You can then either use real flowers or artificial flowers.  Cut the stem short and make a small arrangement.  You can place a few rocks on the bottom too.  This can also be an arrangement for the Fall Season using Fall colors, of course.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Repurposing a vintage sink several ways...

Something that I LOVE to do & have the hopes to spread in this world is to RECYCLE.  I think so much about our planet and our kids future.  Yes, you can call me a tree hugger, I guess partially.  I have already taught my oldest to recycle.  She even brings her papers from school home, to put in the recycling bin. I am still working on my 15 year old.  It's funny cuz when we go to my parents house we all suffer because they do not recycle.  They live in central Florida and I cannot lie, at times I have even brought back a few bags of items that can be thrown in the recycling bin.  Yes, some may say..."it's a bit too much" and that is okay but I continue to hope it will help our planet.  Every time I see videos on what is happening to our oceans and the animals in it caught by plastic and so much more, sickens me.  

Okay, so back to what this is about...recycling a vintage sink!!!  I found this wonderful, semi rusted piece that I could not just leave behind.  It kept calling my name and saying "Ani, I need to be with you & loved by you"...Lol  Of course my mind went racing thinking of all the different things I could do with it.  Then I thought to myself, "OMG I can even maybe do a video but I am not someone who is use to being in front of the camera much, always behind the scenes but hey let's go for it".  And now I can give you some ideas of how you can recycle a vintage sink.  I know this is not a common piece everyone has, but remember the point of this is to try to open your mind and maybe you have something that you can reuse to possibly have the same effect.  

Here is a simple suggestion prior to doing any idea with your vintage sink...

*  using a brillo brush, brillo, if any and probably will have some rust, some of the rust away
*  wash all the dust, rust and any yuckiness that the piece may have
*  once completely dried, spray a protective finish to the piece.  It will be up to you whether you like a matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish.  It also depends if the piece will be placed outdoors or indoors.  Be sure to read the labels and spray in a well ventilated area

And now you are ready to recycle your piece...Watch the videos to get 4 different ideas of what you can do & enjoy your piece as much as I do mine...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Quick Tool Tip

Here is a QUICK TIP for all the single moms who either like to work with tools, like ME, or find themselves having to because they need to get something fixed in there home.  This is something that I learned the hard way & also spending more money on more than one drill, unnecessarily,  if I would have known such a thing. So I am hoping that I can help at least one mom out there to save her some money & frustration.

A Drill Bit tends to heat up when drilling into any tough surface. If the bit gets too HOT, the bit can break. To AVOID this, the easiest way is to have some water readily available to be able to DIP the hot bit into the water to cool it down.  I personally have my own plastic recycled water bottle always at my disposal just in case.  When using a drill bit, just know that when drilling the bit it will always get a bit hot, so just be on the lookout.  And most definite, DO NOT continue to drill if you happen to see some smoke coming out.  That does not mean it will catch on fire but it does mean it is way too hot.  Remember when heating metal it melts.  Oh and PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE BIT ALSO WHEN HOT!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Re-purposing a File Organizer

If there is one thing that I truly enjoy is decorating & recycling.  Having so many years of designing & decorating in the TV industry, I truly learned more about re-purposing things & working on budgets.  I, at times, miss the TV industry but others I do not.  It is an industry that takes up a lot of ones time & as a single mom, I missed out on moments that I cannot be repeated.  

For years now, I have not only moved a lot but have also repurposed many items, even in my own homes.  I might have a piece that someone might see it as garbage or only for one purpose, as I think to myself, "What else can I use it for?"

My girls laugh at me & call me the "Recycling Queen" but they also understand how I have had to be creative in so many situations.

When visiting your office supply store & you are walking down the isles & happen to run into file organizers, just don't look at them for files but they can also be used as a decorative item.  Here I am repurposing it as an artificial plant arrangement for the wall.  I have surrounded it utilizing a wood frame that I had and now have created WALL ART for a clients women's bathroom.

To see more on what I did, you can visit my YouTube channel or my facebookpage.  I will WARN YOU....while taping, my teenage daughter offered to help & it got a bit cooky & we laughed some, as some bloopers happened but were not removed when the piece was edited...


to watch the video go to:


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Organic Table Setting

                                                                                             designs provided by Twyne Designs

Just because you are a single mom and probably are on a budget does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful table setting.  I am sure that you have a certain plate setting that you might love but rarely take out.  
If by some chance you are having company over, wanting to just make your table look pretty (just because) or have a special occasion does not mean that you need to go to a Party supply store and buy plastic plates, utensils and that inexpensive plastic, easy to wipe off, table cloth.  

If you have those plates that you have always wanted to use but not sure what to do, here are some inexpensive ideas to make your table look beautiful.  

* Always try to use chargers.  An inexpensive way to have an organic table setting is by using some grapevine wreaths that can be purchased at your local craft store.  The are priced from about $3 to $4 each but always try to look for SALES and use the wreaths as your plate chargers.

* Find a simple white or off white table cloth to cover your table as your under lay

* Add some burlap as a table runner and even as your napkins

* Bring in some of your small plants from the outside that are in the plastic containers and wrap them in some burlap and use them as part of your centerpiece

* Bring out your nice silverware and you can have a beautiful Organic Table Setting on a very low budget.

To look at the full video on this table setting, you can either go to my facebook or go to my YouTube channel, subscribe & watch the full video at

** this was something that I happen to do to make Mother's Day just a bit more special...the floral arrangement GIVEAWAY has already been completed so it is not currently valid **

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